Thursday, January 22, 2015

Things have been crazy! It is a new year. My goal this year is to update my blog a little more often. For Christmas I gave Rick a scrapbook with a date a week for the 2015 year. Thus far we have gone on three dates. 

We went to Anniversary Inn and The Five Alls the first week of January. We went for our two year anniversary of our sealing. We had a great time. The Five Alls had really good food. However it was very expensive and I don't think we will go again. Anniversary Inn was actually reasonably priced. We got some gift cards from Costco plus found another deal online. We stayed in their Log Cabin suite. It was a lot of fun. I loved the feel of actually being in a Log Cabin. We came into the room and they had romantic music playing. Rick actually danced with me. The next day we drove up Little Cottonwood Canyon. 
  The Five Alls

  Anniversary Inn

 The view into the bathroom door. 

Little Cottonwood Canyon.

The second week of January we decided we wanted to do something fun and kiddish. We went to Nickel City and played old school video games and air hockey. We had so much fun. We laughed all night. My favorite part was playing air hockey with Rick. Rick normally wins when we play air hockey. This time was no exception. However before he kicked my but I scored 5 points before he scored 1. I think he was trying to give me a handicap.

Last week we went to Larry H Miller theater at Thanksgiving Point to see the third Hobbit movie. We went to the theaters for the last two movies and decided that it would be a fun to go. The movie was pretty much what I was expecting. However more of the characters died than I expected. It was a pretty good ending, however I think that the first movie was better. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Time Flies

I didn't realize how long it had been since I last blogged. So I will try and remember the things that have happened. I finished my winter semester at school, with a 3.1 GPA. I am now working on my last set of class and only have three weeks left. I am so excited. After this term I will only have student teaching left. I can't believe that I should be graduating by the end of the semester.

I got myself a bike, well Rick bought it. It is purple I am so excited. I went for my first bike ride in twelve years last Sunday. We rode to the park and played softball. It was a lot of fun. I was actually able to hit the ball farther than 20 feet. :)

Rick got a promoted to a full time position at Jive. Which means that he will get weekends off. I am so excited to be able to spend time with him.  So he put in his two weeks notice last week, so his last day will be on May 28, but then he will get vacation pay for the 5 days after the 28th.

Other than that things have been pretty routine. I will try and get some pictures up of my bike a little later.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Color Festival

Rick and I went to the color festival here in Spanish Fork at the Krishna Temple. It was so much fun. It was to celebrate an Indian Holiday called Holi. I went because it counts as a multicultural activity for one of my classes. Plus it was fun. Here are some after pictures of Rick and I.

 Rick thought it was so much fun.
 He got it all over his teeth. One girl came up and threw it right in his face when he was talking.

 Rick liked the colors in my hair and wanted a picture of it.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Rick got the job! He didn't get the position that he was hoping for (a full time position), but he did get a part time position with a chance of moving up in the company! Congratulations to Rick! He had his first day today. He is so excited and thinks that he will really enjoy working there.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Rick has been looking for a new job the last little bit since getting his A+ certification. When he was at work on Saturday night, a old friend came in and told him about a job. It would be in networking which is what Rick wants to do for a living anyways. Ricks friend told him to e-mail his resume and his friend would turn it in and put in a good word for Rick (he worked with Rick in the data center at BYU). The job won't start until April, so Rick will still be at Radio Shack until then. The job requires a A+ certification, so timing was really good. If he gets it we will be financially set, and get all of our debt paid off in a little over a year, (assuming I get the internship). We are praying that he can get this other job. For anybody who reads this please pray that he gets it also. It will be a good opportunity for Rick.


I love KSL! KSL is a website kind of like Craigslist but for people here in UT, WY, and ID. Well I have been wanting to get me a Christmas Tree for a little while now. I figured looking after Christmas would be the best time to look. So I looked for the first half of January and didn't find anything. So I stopped looking everyday. Well Rick had to stay late yesterday and work on his homework, so I decided that I would look on KSL on the off chance that there was a Christmas tree on there. THERE WAS!!! It is a 6'5'' tree. It isn't prelit, but lights are not that expensive. It came with a set of 15 blue ornaments, and 6 blue bows. (So apparently I will be doing blue on it.) Plus it came with an angel topper (which I personally think is ugly so I won't be using it). All for only $5! I saw it and couldn't resist getting it. However Rick is making me wait until the Christmas season before I can set it up to see how it looks. But I am excited that I will have a tall Christmas tree for Christmas. Now I will have the tall one in our living room, and the small one that my in-laws gave to me in the kitchen. Plus my sister-in-law gave me some pieces to a village, so I will stick that on top of entertainment center. I love Christmas. I am so excited!

Friday, January 7, 2011


Well another semester of school has started. I have 5 different classes this semester: Drama for the EL ED Teacher, Dance for the EL ED teacher, Family History, Multicultural for the EL ED Teacher, and Statistics. That means I will only have two more classes left to take during the Spring semester. Yay! I can't believe I am so close to being done. Rick is also taking a class this semester: Statistics. However they are two different classes, his is geared more towards his major. Rick got his A+ certification during Christmas break, I am so proud of him. Having his A+ certification means that he is eligible for job opportunities, so he has been looking for a better job. Other then that there isn't a whole lot going on with us. Well I guess it is time to get back to studying.